Canine Massage for Dog Owners

taught by Michelle Monk
Michelle Monk
Michelle Monk
Director of Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation and the Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy. Animal Physiotherapist, Author, Trainer

I find my passion at the intersection between helping people and helping animals. As an Animal Physiotherapist, I am driven to assist pet owners to help their own dogs, through the provision of compassionate rehabilitation services, helping to strengthen the bond between owner and pet, whilst maximising quality and longevity of life.

I am also dedicated to providing as many pets and their owners as possible to have access to quality rehabilitation services. 

Teaching these certificate programs allows me to share my knowledge and experience with others and enable them to also deliver quality animal health and fitness services. So in the end, more pets can live long and happy lives with their owners.

Course Curriculum

Session 1
Getting Set Up For Massage
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Session 2
Massage Techniques
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Session 3
Neck and Front Limbs
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Session 4
Back and Hind Limbs
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