Course Description

The 16 Week Guide to Accelerate Your Dog's to Recover from Cruciate Ligament Injury or Surgery

Director of Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation and the Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy. Animal Physiotherapist, Author, Trainer

Michelle Monk

I find my passion at the intersection between helping people and helping animals. As an Animal Physiotherapist, I am driven to assist pet owners to help their own dogs, through the provision of compassionate rehabilitation services, helping to strengthen the bond between owner and pet, whilst maximising quality and longevity of life.I am also dedicated to providing as many pets and their owners as possible to have access to quality rehabilitation services. Teaching these certificate programs allows me to share my knowledge and experience with others and enable them to also deliver quality animal health and fitness services. So in the end, more pets can live long and happy lives with their owners.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before You Start

    • Read this first before commencing the program!

    • The 7 Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Their Dog Has Cruciate Ligament Injury or Surgery

    • The 7 Steps to Optimise Recovery for Your Dog After Cruciate Ligament Injury or Surgery

    • Program Aims and Exercise Diary

    • Home Exercise Downloadable Diary

    • Stay in Touch

  • 2

    Week One

    • Tasks for the First week after surgery, or first week of conservative management:

  • 3

    Week Two

    • Tasks for the Second week after surgery, or second week of conservative management:

  • 4

    Week Three

    • Tasks for Third week after surgery, or third week of conservative management

  • 5

    Week Four

    • Tasks for the Fourth week after surgery or fourth week of conservative management.

  • 6

    Week Five

    • Tasks for the Fifth week after surgery or fifth week of conservative management.

  • 7

    Week Six

    • Tasks for the Sixth week after surgery or sixth week of conservative management.

  • 8

    Week Seven

    • Tasks for the Seventh week after surgery or seventh week of conservative management

  • 9

    Week Eight

    • Tasks for the eight week after surgery or eigth week of conservative management

  • 10

    Week Nine

    • Tasks for the Ninth week after surgery or ninth week of conservative management

  • 11

    Week Ten

    • Tasks for Tenth week after surgery or the tenth week of conservative management.

  • 12

    Week Eleven

    • Tasks for the Eleventh week after surgery or eleventh week of conservative management.

  • 13

    Week Twelve

    • Tasks for the Twelfth week after surgery or twelfth week of conservative management.

  • 14

    Week Thirteen

    • Tasks for the Thirteenth week after surgery or thirteenth week of conservative management.

  • 15

    Week Fourteen

    • Tasks for the Fourteenth week after surgery or fourteenth week of conservative management.

  • 16

    Week Fifteen

    • Tasks for the Fifteenth week after surgery or fifteenth week of conservative management.

  • 17

    Week Sixteen

    • Tasks for the Sixteenth week after surgery or sixteenth week of conservative management

  • 18

    What Now?

    • Your Next Steps